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Inspired by a passion for tailoring passed down by his mother and great grandmother, Achille Maramotti founded MaxMara in 1951, in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia. He began with a line of high-end coats which were inspired stylistically by French haute couture but made using cutting-edge industrial tailoring techniques.

Recognized around the world as the precursor of modern prêt-à-porter, today Max Mara is one of the world’s largest international fashion houses, synonymous with luxury, style and quality. Max Mara is the epitome of Italian quality and craftsmanship.

The Max Mara collection is dedicated to glamour chic women who enjoy rediscovering a refined yet dynamic and practical look in everyday life. A modern and contemporary woman with a sophisticated and refined image, a look in line with the trends and suitable for the different occasions of modern life.

Max Mara Products

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A modern design house, built on a strong heritage of daring innovation and beautiful Italian craftsmanship.  Achille Maramotti, fascinated by the “Swinging London” atmosphere, in 1969, conceived this collection dedicated to the new youth movement. Not afraid of clean, intelligent line and form, it embraces the new and sets future directions in fashion.

Along with Spormax Code, Sportmax aims to the discerning, self-assured, style conscious women, who choose to wear them for the attention to detail, unconventional femininity and timeless style.

SportMax Products

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Weekend Max Mara was launched in 1984 top match MaxMara’s women’s requirements for more casual and informal clothing, ideal for week-ends, but still very chic even in free time.  Still influenced by its original sportswear DNA it features linens, cottons, cashmere, wools and tweeds, yarn-dyed fabrics, patterns and prints, while fits are constantly updated.

So, no longer just leisure wear: the Weekend Max Mara label is a very rich and sophisticated, complete wardrobe, including all the various categories of garments with a full range of accessories.

The signature detail that sets the line apart and symbolizes the idea of lightness and freedom, is a small butterfly printed or embroidered on the garments.

Weekend Max Mara Products

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This collection is a re-interpretation of the tailored, couture wardrobe of dynamic and confident women. The characteristics of this collection are pure elegance, and a strongly feminine touch for a modern and contemporary look. A wide range of items for daily use and for special occasions together with a large selection of coats made with quality fabrics. The hallmarks of this collection range from innovation and continuous research in materials to the expression of the garments relating to the trends of the time.

Max Mara Studio Products

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Born in 1980, this fashion house represented a turning point in the history of fashion attitudes by offering a collection of fashion clothes and accessories for curvy women.  Still today the aim at the heart of the brand is to create clothes that follow trends, synonymous with the highest quality fabrics and attention to detail in the tailoring.

Marina Rinaldi Products

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MAX&Co. represents a new approach to fashion and retail.  Relentlessly evolving into the future but firmly standing with roots in its own past. The company flatters its own, strong and targeted identity: an extensive and original fashion-system, garment and accessories in total look designed to interpreter and accentuate the personal allure of the wearers. Collections perfectly blending the hottest trends with timeless must-have pieces. Mingling the best tailor’s practice, the quality and the know-how of the “Made in Italy” with creative research and experimental techniques to provide incomparable achievements and make the everyday extraordinary for stylish women everywhere.

MAX&Co. Products

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Part of the Max Mara Group since 1988, Marella is merging the latest trends with Italian style.

It’s products are designed with the dynamic and style-conscious woman in mind, offering a complete and diversified collection with a fresh and contemporary feel.  Always in search of innovative and creative ideas, it caters to dynamic and positive women who want to like themselves and to be liked.

Marella, with over thirty years of experience has consolidated its position on the market as a highly

professional company based on the culture of the product and always careful to maintain a quality-price balance for its customers.

Marella Products

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The iBlues brand since 1975, suggests a sensual and feminine style, body-conscious, refined and up-to-date. It’s designed for women with a strong personality, curious and audacious, who interpret fashion and are never banal. Dynamic and active women who look for charming items with their shapes and colours, and a touch of fashion for any occasion.

iBLUES products

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Founded in 1978, PennyBlack offers a style that is constantly keeping up with time, highly aware of trends, without exasperating tones, dedicated to women who are seeking a sophisticated but easy to wear style.

Divided into three labels you will find, the Black label that offers an elegant and sophisticated look for everyday and workwear. The Grey label, a casual and informal style, easy-to-wear, from weekends to leisure time and the Pink label ironic and romantic for the special moments, as well as glam parties and ceremonies.

Pennyblack Products

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In 1978, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley launched ESCADA: a luxury brand rooted in confident and elegant femininity, and determined to democratize the exacting values of haute couture. Margaretha’s own experience as a model informed the facets that came to define Escada, an intimate understanding of tailoring, an eye for color and print and a devotion to detail.

Today Escada, represents the same values as it ever did, rooted in Margaretha’s original vision, given a distinctly contemporary twist.

Escada Products

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