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The Group

Company Heritage


When everything began

DIL is conceived and our story begins

DiL at Tsimiski

The new DIL store (formerly “Floka”) opens in the corner of Tsimiski and Agias Sofias, in the city of Thessaloniki.

We are getting bigger

The new DIL store becomes DIL SA and starts growing. Well respected and much loved, the store quickly becomes ones of the city’s finest boutiques.

Max Mara is here

The first Max Mara Franchise boutique in Greece opens its doors in Thessaloniki, in the corner of Mitropoleos and Agias Sofias , where it housed still today.

Welcome Marina Rinaldi

After deliberation, it is decided to introduce to the Greek market, for the first time, Marina Rinaldi, the plus size brand of the Max Mara Fashion Group.

Larissa, we are coming

Yet another development takes place, this time outside of Thessaloniki. Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi opened their doors, on 37 Kouma Street in the city of Larissa. A grand opening and an exquisite fashion show take place, marking their place in the fashion community of the city.

Max&Co. in Thessaloniki

The Max&Co franchise store opens on Agias Sofia’s Street, Thessaloniki.

Larissa revival

The store in Larissa moves location, to the dazzling hot spot of Papakiriazi Street.

Max&Co. revised

Max&Co moves renewed to 72, Tsimiski str., Thessaloniki

We’re coming to Athens

MaxMara boutique opens in Athens, between Kanari and Academy streets in Kolonaki. Truly marking it the event of the year for the retail fashion world.

Attica Deartment Stores welcome us

Max Mara , Max Mara Studio, Weekend Max Mara, Marella, Penny Black, and Max & Co. are welcomed into ATTICA department stores in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Escada is coming…

The ESCADA brand is is welcomed to the group.

Next Stop, Kifissia

Our latest development takes place, this time at Kifissia in North Athens. One of the most luxurious stores of our group is reality!

The renovation

In the summer of 2018, a major refurbishment took place in our flagship MaxMara boutique. Still a gem store in the heart of downtown Athens.


Presently the Max Mara Franchise in Thessaloniki, Larissa and Athens are owned by the Tsavdaroglou family, who –at the same time maintain successfully a rich selection of brands under DiL Fashion Group.

Our mission

Commitment, sense of belonging, entrepreneurship, managerial skills are the main values on which DiL Fashion Group success is founded. All this has allowed passion, innovation and creativity in the women’s fashion sector to express itself and continuously develop within precise style identities.

DiL Fashion Group must continue to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. Our products, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition and innovation, and kindle dream and fantasy.


Antonis Tsavdaroglou
DiL Fashion Group