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For the second season Marella confirms ACT N°1 for a new special collection, composed once again of one-of-a-kind garments, with a great attention to details in an almost hand-crafted way. ACT N°1 is the brand generated by the multicultural background of the founders, Galib Gassanoff and Luca Lin, a duo of designers who succeeded in merging their two cultures, thus creating a unique aesthetics. Dollhouse comes from the collaboration between the two teams (Marella and ACT N°1).

It is a sophisticated capsule collection, absolutely original, which identifies with the historical period we are living in. For Marella, the duo explores the contemporary trend of luxury loungewear, adding substance through contemporary fabrics and materials.

Easy and elegant styles for a wardrobe with everyday looks: loose-fitting trousers, slouchy silhouettes, tulle prom skirts (but with rough details) and asymmetrical sweatshirts. White, black and grey, in search of a new identity, are contrasted with candy shades such as pink and lilac, for a bold but delicate result.

A collection that narrates a femininity that is sweet and pop at the same time and takes its inspiration from an independent and revolutionary woman, aware of her world and her passions.

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