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A Stroll with Dalmatians

Dalmatian spots are the superstar trend of the Pennyblack Fall-Winter 2021 collection. Fashion has always loved animal prints for their wild allure, but the mood shifts with this pattern recalling cinema’s most famous four-legged friends.

Thanks to its playful, natural elegance, this pattern adds the perfect dash of verve to city wear, reflecting the spirit of the brand.

Dalmatian spots are combined with jacquard weaves to create plays on positive and negative space. On flowing dresses and classic shirts, they are layered with a glossy/matte texture. They create a bold impact on tricot fabrics brightened with a hint of lamé, especially when combined with black-and-white stripes.

For a softer approach, all you need to do is wear a faux pony-skin leather belt to transform the look.

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