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Marella Sport has designed for Spring/Summer 2021 garments in dialogue with each other and sharing a single colour. Dressing monochrome is not a ploy to simplify, but a sign of strong personality. It requires the ability to work on proportions, on the combination of different fabrics without falling into boredom.

The white shirt used as a jacket over the T-shirt and the skinny trousers, or the lightweight knit, with a shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts in the colour of the sky.


And again the longuette skirt combined with
the silk grey-coloured pullover.


Five total colours: blue, white, pink, silk-grey and black. Lots of garments to create outfits expressing the personality through different choices and layering proposals so as to be sophisticated from head to toe.

In the Nineties this style was identified among the key features of minimalism. Now that fashion no longer considers macro-trends, the taste of wearing monochrome is a personal choice.

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