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The Max Mara Icon Coats Are More than Coats

For more than 70 years, fashion, creativity and innovation have defined the Max Mara brand. At the heart of this legacy are four timeless coats: 101801, Manuela, Ludmilla and Teddy. Over the course of decades Max Mara coats have achieved a status that transcends trends. A Max Mara coat becomes part of the wearer’s unique story. A Max Mara coat slipstreams your individuality. And so, inclusivity and universality are the instinctive focus of this new campaign. It celebrates diversity in body, age and origin. It throws a spotlight on the experiences of real people regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Four ambassadors challenge the conventions of fashion and beauty with their powerful presence: Quinn Mora in 101801, Sora Choi in Manuela, Malgosia Bela in Ludmilla, Anok Yai in Teddy. The voice-over highlights impediments that each individual was told would hold them back in life: ‘’They said I Wouldn’t fit. They said I don’t deserve. They said I couldn’t.’’ What all four share is how they have taken these impediments and turned them into a strength. They have become MORE THAN what people expected them to be.

Style and creativity. Integrity and reliability. Inclusiveness and quality. Innovation and protection. These are the values that define the Max Mara ideal.

The Max Mara cashmere-wool 101801 coat is a world symbol for Italian finesse and know-how.

The Max Mara soft cashmere Ludmilla coat is the instinctive answer when you feel the call of Luxury.

The Max Mara luxurious, in pure camelhair Manuela coat represents the essence of quality and philosophy of the brand: to dress all women, with style and finesse, enhancing their personality.

The Max Mara voluminous faux fur of pure camel hair on a base of silk Teddy Bear coat is a celebration of the fabric’s opulent extravagance.

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