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Max Mara The Cube – Cameluxe

Max Mara is synonymous with camel hair. For decades, the brand’s legendary coats have been crafted from this sustainable fiber that is collected from the camel as it naturally sheds. Yet once the pattern is cut, swatches of precious camel hair remain unused. The upcycling of this excess give lives to Cameluxe, an ultra-fine material used as insulation for a new generation of The Cube (Max Mara’s modular outerwear system). This camel hair is processed into very fine fibers, then blended with recycled polyester. Fabricated in Italy, the result is a highly resilient padding—an invisible luxury to guard against the elements.

To mirror this innovation, Max Mara crafted its corresponding Autumn / Winter 2021 global campaign with an entirely different mindset, creating video portraits of modern women by a nearly all-female team, understanding that how we work and the values we hold are as important as the product itself. The result is the first of an ongoing video series entitled, Portraits of Women.

Portraits of Women captures two subjects on opposite sides of the globe. A diptych of the ritual of dressing, each subject arms themselves with their Cube with Cameluxe coats before emerging to face the world. In the videos, the women examine themselves in the mirror in a moment of honest vulnerability, filmed to give the audience the perspective of being the mirror’s reflection. Voiceovers provide first-person storytelling.

The series, conceived and directed by Tracy Doyle, begins at 8:00 a.m. in New York, where Helena Suric, Senior Director of Talent for Vogue and Condé Nast, is captured by cinematographer Dagmar Weaver-Madsen. The series then moves to Chengdu, China, at 8:00 p.m., where Jasmine Xie, CEO of Nova Universal, is captured by cinematographer Cecile Zhang.

The Cube with Cameluxe offering for Autumn / Winter 2021 consists of ten pieces: a short and a long vest, two hoodies, five styles of coats and one jacket. The colorways of the collection are caramel, rock salt, coal, black, and dark blue.

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