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Max Mara The Cube

Max Mara The Cube concentrates on the research of innovation that has always characterised Max Mara Group, blending a cutting-edge spirit with the easy living approach of contemporary apparel to shape an innovative idea in terms not only of design but also of craftsmanship and technique. Focused on the down jacket, the iconic project Max Mara The Cube is an integrated system of outerwear and accessories born in 2008.

Exclusive fabrics created specifically for the project, individual components with outstanding characteristics, innovative design solutions; reversible and modular, with a range of accessories, Max Mara The Cube is luxurious, functional, practical and unique, with a clear, precise identity underlined by the unmistakable packaging: the “Cube”. Max Mara The Cube is an original design item that has been included into the collections of the Staatliche Museen in Berlin and of the FIT in New York, where it has been displayed as a “cult object” within the ‘Fashion and Technology’ exhibition. The perfect combination of creativity, industrialization and experimentation.

For the Spring Summer 21 collection, Max Mara The Cube features the Cameluxe in nine different styles. Max Mara is synonymous with camel hair fabric. For decades, its legendary coats have been crafted from this sustainable fiber that is collected from the camel as it naturally sheds, providing comfort and class to the fabulous and fashionable. Yet in the crafting of these coats, once the pattern is cut, swatches of precious camel hair remain unused. With sustainability in mind, Max Mara adopted a process to upcycle these remains, giving them new life in the form of Cameluxe—an ultra-fine material fabricated in Italy by Imbotex Lab and used as padding for a new generation of The Cube, the modular outerwear system. This camel hair is processed into very fine fibers, then blended with recycled polyester.

Cameluxe challenges conventional notions of the environmental impact of fashion production by repurposing luxury materials that would have otherwise been unused, decreasing energy consumption, the output of waste, water usage, and CO2 emissions. Certified by the Textile Exchange as meeting the Global Recycling Standard, Cameluxe adds a new point of conversation in fashion’s ongoing sustainability dialogue.

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