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Max Mara FW21 Campaign

The Max Mara woman has come a long way in the 70 years since she first became not only the inspiration for the collection but its reason for being. From home front to highest office, the modern Max Mara woman is now a royalty in her own right. The AW21 advertising campaign is a celebration of the indomitable individualism that brought her here.

Trailblazing, ground-breaking, pioneering, radical, tenacious, commanding, self-assured, accomplished, witty and wise, the casting reflects the intelligence of our heroine and the power that makes others rise to meet her. She may sulk or seduce. She may govern or nurture but she lives fully, takes opportunities and has adventures. Individuals all, the women of the Max Mara family are united by one thing: they are alike only in their uniqueness.

Photographed and directed by Steven Meisel who has been collaborating with Max Mara for more than 20 years, the campaign celebrates a range of ages and nationalities.
Featuring Chloe Oh, Amar Akway, Sofia Steinberg, Jits Bootsma, Mona Tougaard and Malgosia Bela the casting is a reflection of the global family that is the Max Mara
customer in our platinum jubilee.

Since 1951, the Max Mara success has relied entirely on how well it serves her. A wardrobe that is in lockstep with her constantly changing needs and also has the integrity to build into a timeless ally – her forever wardrobe. The style is Anglocentric but with a distinctive Italian accent giving a leading role to the thornproof tweeds and arans of the British countryside enriched with the luxury of Italian cashmere and craftsmanship. It is a collection fit for a very modern royal family.

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