Leisure Time

Lately there has been much talk of Hygge, a word of Danish origin that has become part of international vocabulary as a synonym for happiness. It means feeling satisfied, warm and welcoming, placing the accent on a continual search for physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a value, a timeless lifestyle that seeks a return to simple, everyday gestures.

Max Mara Leisure F/W 2017 has translated the “Hygge” spirit into a “materic” collection, soft to the touch, able to transform the quality materials and colours of the Nordic Design (black, white, grey, blue and woody shades) it is inspired by, into sophisticated everyday clothing items..

Suitable for mix and match, perfect for a relaxed, informal look, able to make you feel at home even for traveling. They speak the familiar language of interiors, of cosiness; the versatile language of knitwear and jersey, evident in the pure cashmere jumpsuits, silk slip dresses and dresses, skirts and jackets with a carefully studied design able to satisfy the feminine desire to bring elegance, comfort and beauty to leisure time.

Designed for those cocooning moments, when the rough edges of everyday life seem smoother than ever, offering a glimpse of a gently, flowing, inviting, seamless lifestyle in which each woman, no matter the age, can lower her defenses and be her true self.

Touch is said to be the sense that comes closest to bringing mind and body together, and that natural materials – such as wool, cashmere and silk – have the ability to protect us, to heighten sensations and to help intuitively recognise what feels good. The Max Mara Leisure collection pays homage to touch, to the pleasure of feeling warm cotton, feather-light silk, soft cashmere and flexible jersey next to the skin, in a perfect mix of natural and artificial fibres able to respect both women and the environment.

Each item of the collection comes in an elegant cotton gauze package, transmitting the idea that leisure time is a gift, a luxury we must learn to treat ourselves to, and that this awareness is not just a fashion, but an achievement we should aim for every day. See the definition of Hygge.