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Weekend Max Mara is the “life-style” line by Max Mara Group. Launched in 1984 as a casual, outdoor collection ideal for week-ends (as the choice of name intended to suggest right from the start), the label evolved rapidly over the years to become the brand with the specific identity we know today.

So, no longer just leisure wear: the Weekend Max Mara label is a very rich and sophisticated, complete wardrobe, including all the various categories of garments (coats, knitwear, shirts, T-shirts, denim wear and lots, lots more) and is complete with a full range of accessories (including shoes and bags as well as scarves, belts, shawls and jewellery.


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Hit refresh on your day-to-day. Search out the quieter side of life, grab your friends and take a seasonly sojourn to a countryside paradise in the company of Weekend Max Mara’s newest offerings for FW 2017. Thick, heavy soled boots ideal for scrambling around hay bales; loose, wide-legged trousers for hopping over fences; and layers of long coats with thick wool jumpers to keep you winter-ready as you trot in tandem into the snowy.