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The collection to make life easier

Clean shapes and pragmatic, MARELLA ART. 365 continues its path through contemporary aesthetics, functional crease-proof fabrics, which are hand washable and suitable for all seasons. Everything is based on two colours: black and white. This season features a monochromatic version and one which blends hues and creates new colour blocks: the white jumpsuit comes with a black sash, the tunic dress displays a white front and a black back. The minimalist style of the ART. 365 collection is influenced by new details: sporty drawstrings on tops, capricious see-through features for the slip dress and contrasting shiny and opaque fabric for the cropped trousers or the long-length trench.


The collection to make life easier
Contemporary Romances
Portrait Series by Fenton Bailey

This season, the Sportmax Portraits Series evolves....


about jeans
It’s all about jeans!

Let’s start composing the perfect spring look....


Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

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